Friday, April 8, 2016

Aprils fools day

As many probably know, the Blobfish update is an April 1st joke. This was invented by search engine marketing agency Stramark. Are you ugly and in fear that this update would ruin your rankings? Do not worry, this update is fake and just a joke.

We want to thank everyone who helped in spreading this joke.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Google Blobfish Update

Normally we at Google don´t announce new algorithm updates when they go live, but today we make an exception. The reason for this is that this new update will have a huge impact on many websites. Some websites will even have to look for new employees. For we proudly present the new #BlobfishUpdate.

Research has shown that attractive people are more likely to get the job, promotion and raise in real life. The Blobfish update is doing just that online. Using machine learning and AI, we are now able to determine whether an entrepreneur and his staff are good looking. We are confident that this will improve the quality of the search results, as one of our engineers explains:

"Everyone prefers doing business with someone who looks good. This may be conscious or unconscious, but it is certainly true. This is also implemented in the algorithm. Thus the online experience comes closer to the offline experience. Making it feel more natural."

How Blobfish Works

The Blobfish update looks at dozens of factors to determine whether the employees of a company are good looking. For example, the update looks at the pictures on the About Us page. Furthermore, social media profiles will be linked to an employee.

When all the social media profiles of a particular employee have been collected, he gets a Quality Score from 1 to 10. 1 Being ugly and a 10 being good looking.

This is done for all employees and based on that the company and the website receive a score (as shown below). Depending on the scores of the competitors, the rankings of a website may improve or worsen.

Blobfish update name origin

The update is named after the Blobfish. This deep sea fish has been chosen as ugliest animal in the world. Ugly creatures will end up in the dark depths of the search results, just like this fish.

We would like to thank Stramark for their contribution. You can find them on Twitter.